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Near Samudayak Bhawan, Choudhary Colony, Chirawa

Vision Mission


To devote all efforts to impart such training that the above aim is achieved. Our philosophy behind the training is :-
(a) Focused and goal oriented approach.
(b) Gradual increase in the intensity in a scientific manner.
(c) Develop officer like qualities through practical tasks.
(d) Build a very strong physical and mental core.
(e) Implement high standards of honesty, integrity and morality.




To provide quality technical education along with development of intellectual leadership qualities, human values and

Corporate ethics-creating potential manpower for industries as well as research and development and society at large.




To prepare the Cadets to succeed in UPSC (NDA) written Entrance Examination, and to build their physical and mental abilities, so as to be an asset to the nation. And make them officers in any field of Defence or Merchant Navy. We are, incorporated by a group of experienced marine professionals “Providing Total Support and Guidance to Join Merchant Navy Courses.

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